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Welcome to ESU Happy Hour! The ESU has planned a series of programs to connect and reach out to our members through programs that are engaging, fun, and informative on a wide variety of topics. Happy Hour programs bring to you guest speakers live and free of charge.  Speakers may also suggest a unique cocktail for you to create and enjoy at home. These programs are designed so ESU members and guests can learn and interact with our outstanding speakers. Many speakers will provide exciting participation opportunities with fun give away books and products at the end of each program.

We invite members to suggest topics for future ESU Happy Hour Programs at this link. Cheers!

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Happy Hour Season 3

Wednesday, May 18 at 5:00 PM (EDT)
Lusitania: A Story of Loss, Deception and Conspiracy From World War 1
James W Stebbings

Lusitania was the pride of Cunard's fleet when she entered service in 1907, the first of three great four-funnel liners built for the company.  She was to become the fastest and most luxurious ship on the cross-Atlantic crossing and was popular with British and American passengers because of her speed and life-style onboard.

James Stebbings has had a life-long love of the theatre, especially the musical theatre and the world of drama and theatrical entertainment, participating whenever he has had the opportunity. After his retirement he moved to Norfolk in the East of England where he has been able to give his time to the subject he loves. This includes organizing music festivals, managing and representing some professional performers, creating and performing in historical enactments for a local museum and performing in a musical duo. 


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Wednesday, June 8 at 4:00 PM (EDT)
The Eccentric Billionaire John D. MacArthur - Rubies, Rascals, and Bears, Oh My
An Interview with Nancy Kriplen by her daughter, Madelyn Kriplen Nasse

The Eccentric Billionaire chronicles how MacArthur amassed his fortune, rising from a poverty-saturated childhood as the son of a fire-and-brimstone preacher to become an insurance and real estate mogul. Extensively researched and beautifully written, The Eccentric Billionaire is a revealing look at a man whose influence has extended in ways he never dreamed.

Nancy Kriplen is a biographer and journalist whose work has appeared in the New York Times, Smithsonian,, Discover and other publications.  She worked on the editorial staff of TIME in New York and Scripps-Howard's Indianapolis Times.  Her biographies include Dwight Davis: The Man and the Cup (about the American tennis legend); J. Irwin Miller: The Shaping of an American Town (Columbus, Indiana); and John D. MacArthur: Empire Builder, Reluctant Philanthropist, Relentless Adversary, the subject of this ESU Happy Hour presentation.


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