The English-Speaking Union


The English-Speaking Union National Shakespeare Competition

The English-Speaking Union National Shakespeare Competition

The 2022 ESU Nationals Shakespeare Competition Semi-finals will be held digitally as in 2020 and 2021.

Branch competitions should conclude by March 5.

Branch Winner Form is due by March 8.

National will provide your branch champion with their Winner Packet where they will submit their video.

Winner Packet is due by March 13th, 2022.

Judges will adjudicate March 13-21, 2002

The 10 finalists will be announced by March 22.

If conditions allow, the finals will be held live in New York City. Only the 10 finalists will be brought to New York City to compete. This will be announced by end of January 2022. 

Branch Participation Fee is $150, however, if live finals in New York become a possibility, those branches whose champions advance will be billed an additional $450 for a total of $600. 

Branch Winner Form

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