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Annual Meeting and Luncheon 2023


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Annual Churchill Dinner


The ESU Naples Branch National Shakespeare Competition


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King Charles III Celebration


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Caroline Rubin, 2022 Shakespeare Competition Winner, Naples Branch

I am 17 years old and a senior at Community School of Naples.  Throughout my life, I have always held a great appreciation for Shakespeare's work.  When I was younger, I visited the Globe Theatre in London and was thrilled to watch one of Shakespeare's plays.  I remember being captivated by not only the genius of Shakespeare's work, but by the actors' ability to bring Shakespeare's words to life.  As an avid poet, I have considered myself simply a lover of poetics and Shakespeare, but never an actress. This soon changed at the beginning of this year.  The exceptional English Department at Community School of Naples has strongly encouraged students to enter the ESU Shakespeare Monologue Competition for years.  At first, I was hesitant to enter, but I soon decided to give it my best try.  It certainly paid off!  This experience has taught me the benefit of taking risks and having the confidence to take on new challenges.  Perhaps most importantly, the Shakespeare Competition has furthered my belief in the power of language, and it is wonderful to see so many young people sharing this belief.  I plan to pursue English and Creative Writing in college; therefore, I may pursue a career as a teacher or professor of English.


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