Our Vision

Our center is a house of immigrants where immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees feel empowered and supported in their shared journey to establish roots and build new lives in the United States. ARNIC is a vibrant and diverse community where immigrants from across the globe can connect and support one another. 

Immigrants are a vital part of our community. We celebrate their unique strengths and resilience. Our program encourages students to leverage their previous education and experience in building new lives in the U.S. Our services empower new immigrants by helping them to develop the skills and tools they need to find success in the U.S.

Students actively participate in the design of our program. They collaborate with program staff to identify new areas for growth and to ensure that our services meet the needs of recently arrived immigrants. Their voices are vital in shaping the future of our program. 

Our core values:

Empathy and mutual respect
Equity and inclusion
Cultural humility 
Continuous learning
Collaboration and innovation