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Representative chosen to compete in the International Public Speaking Competition in London

First Place Winner: Chaya Sara Oppenheim, a junior at Manhattan High School for Girls in New York City, will travel to London this May to represent the United States in the 2015 ESU International Public Speaking Competition.

The ESU International Public Speaking Competition (IPSC) brings together the most talented young speakers from across the globe for a week of oratorical workshops, competition and international cultural exchange. Her speech at the National Level, titled, "Colorblindness vs. the Mosaic of Diversity", addressed the ESU's theme, "To Be Ignorant of the Past is to Remain a Child". At the International Level, Chaya Sara will speak on the topic, "Culture is Not a Luxury, But a Necessity".

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Luard Morse Scholarship awarded to Allyson Carpenter and Laura Campbell

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Allyson Carpenter and Laura Campbell

Allyson Carpenter, a Political Science Major/Community Development Minor, and Laura Campbell, a Biology Major/Chemistry Minor, both at Howard University in Washington, D.C., have been selected as this year's recipients of the English–Speaking Union (ESU) Luard Morse Scholarship.  The scholarship provides $25,000 towards a semester of study at an English university during the 2015-16 academic year.

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The New Book Press Provides Prizes for All ESU National Shakespeare Competition Teachers

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The New Book Press is offering prizes to all high school teachers participating in the 2015 English-Speaking Union National Shakespeare Competition. They publish the digital series WordPlay Shakespeare (eBooks of the Bard's plays featuring video performances of a whole play alongside the complete text). 

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The New York Times features ESU Middle School Debate

The ESU is pleased to share today's The New York Times article, "A Diverse Mix of Pupils, Learning Civilized Dissent," featuring the ESU Middle School Debate program's New York Debate League. Now in its fourth year, the program, designed to help young adolescents develop critical thinking and language arts skills through public speaking, has reached more than 2,300 students in grades 5 to 8 in New York and New Jersey. There are nearly 900 individual debates through this program annually.

The article underscores one of the Middle School Debate program's strengths—bringing together students from various backgrounds that, as Brianna Scott (a seventh grader at Success Academy Harlem West) says, "prepare[s] you to go out into the world."

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The ESU National Conference and Annual General Meeting

The ESU Conference in Newport, Rhode Island, which took place on October 17 - 19, drew the largest number of members to a conference in years, topping out at 140!  Nearly every Branch was represented, and we enjoyed the participation of more Branch leaders than usual, as they were specifically invited to a day-long Conclave of Branch Presidents and National Board Members that took place just prior to the Conference.

Our Newport Branch hosts, led by Branch President Jan Slee and Conference Committee Chair Patricia Woods, produced a most enjoyable series of programs through the weekend.   Click Here to see photos

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