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Scholarships for Teachers

in class at Oxford

All TLab Scholars have been named for the summer of 2018. Please check back in the fall for 2019 application deadlines.

Every year, our ESU Branches provide nearly 40 full and partial scholarships for classroom teachers in their communities. ESU Branch Scholarships are for current classroom teachers attending the intensive courses at Shakespeare's Globe, the University of Edinburgh, and the University of Oxford. Scholarships are not available for the short course at Oxford or Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

Application Instructions

  1. Find your local ESU Branch. Consult the list below to see if there is a scholarship available in your area.
  2. Read your ESU Branch's application procedure. Most branches will ask you to use the application form on this page. Some will interview candidates or have a unique procedure.
  3. Apply! 

Additional Funding Opportunities

What do I do if there is no ESU branch near me or I don't win the scholarship? 

Click here and download our fundraising guide! We will provide supporting documentation for teachers applying for grants and scholarships from other organizations. Email us at tlab@esuus.org for more information.

Applicants to SUISS programs at the University of Edinburgh may be eligible for a SUISS Scholarship. Click here to read more about SUISS Scholarships.

English in Action has partnered with the National English Honor Society (NEHS) to provide an additional source of funding. High school teachers who are advisors for active NEHS chapters are eligible to apply for "Advisor Grants," which are competitive grants designed to help finance study and travel opportunities. Visit the NEHS website for more information or email: nehs@niu.edu.


English in Action has also partnered with Fund My Travel to provide a platform with additional resources to launch a funding campaign from. Visit www.fundmytravel.com for more information and to set up a funding campaign.

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All TLab Scholars have been named for the summer of 2018. Please check back in the fall for 2019 application deadlines.

The following ESU Branches are sponsoring scholarships for Summer 2018. Click on the branch name closest to where you live, even if you do not live in that city, as some branches offer scholarships for their region or entire state.

Branch by State Scholarship Application Deadline
Los Angeles 1/5/18
San Francisco 2/2/18
Denver 1/12/18
Greenwich 1/3/18
District of Columbia
Washington, D.C. 2/20/18
Central Florida 1/5/18
Fort Lauderdale 2/9/18
Naples 1/3/18
Palm Beach 2/1/18
Atlanta 2/1/18
Chicago 2/16/18
Indianapolis 2/1/18
Kentucky 10/1/17
New Orleans 1/12/18
St. Louis 2/12/18
New Jersey
Princeton 2/1/18
New York
Albany 2/15/18
Buffalo and the Niagara Frontier 2/15/18
New York City 2/6/18
Rochester 2/15/18
Syracuse 2/15/18
North Carolina
Greensboro 1/26/18
Research Triangle 1/30/18
Cleveland 1/15/18
Austin 2/1/18
Houston TBA
Charlottesville 1/23/18
Richmond 1/18/18